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League Stats

Boutshout automatically calculates a variety of statistics that can determine league standings as well as help coaches and fencers better understand their performance.

Key for statistics used in the Team Standings tables:

Wins - Meets won
Losses - Meets lost
Win % - Percent of Wins out of total meets fenced
Victories - Bouts won
Defeats - Bouts lost
V Indicator - Victories minus Defeats

Key for statistics used in the Individual Standings tables:

V - Victories
D - Defeats
V% - Percent of Victories out of total bouts fenced
TS - Touches Scored
TR - Touches Received
Indicator - Touches Scored minus Touches Received
TSinD - Average Touches Scored in Defeats
TRinV - Average Touches Received in Victories
V Index - Average Victories in a meet (4 bouts)
M Index - Advantage (positive) or disadvantage (negative) for team in touches per meet
Starter - Individuals must fence an average of at least 2 bouts per meet to be considered starters. Since standings are based on victory percentage, this field prevents non-starters from appearing at the top of the standings. Example: Without the starter/non-starter designation, a fencer with a 1-0 record would be placed above one with a 30-1 record.

Team standings are determined by Win %, then V Indicator, then Victories, then Indicator, then Touches Scored.

Fencer standings are determined by Victory %, then Indicator, then Touches Scored.